Request for Quotation Tool

Step 1 - Help

Choose basic shape of helideck from buttons. Fourth option is for free drawing.

Resize deck if needed and place markings and circle to right location.

Texts can be moved by dragging with mouse. Circle is movable and resizable when custom circle is selected.

When deck is ready, proceed to section 2.

Step 2 - Help

Select first preferred shape of net.

Too small or too large nets are marked with red color.

You can change location of net by dragging it with mouse.

You can choose all sized and shaped nets even if they would be marked with red or don''t fit the deck.

When preferred net is selected proceed to section 3.

Step 3 - Help

With this form, you can leave a request for quotation of the selected landing net.

Logged users save automatically all sent data into their account information.

for Frictape Helideck Landing Nets

Use this application to send quotation requests for Frictape Helideck Landing Nets. Alternatively you can use also phone, email or fax to contact us.

This application is created to help in selecting right shaped and sized helideck landing nets.

Use steps 1-2-3 to create request for quotation. Please login first if you have an existing account.

As a registered user all your created helidecks are stored to one place. Accounts are created based on requests.

For Frictape Perimeter Safety Nets quotation please contact us.